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November 5, 2012

Statewide amendments roundup

What you need to know about amendments


CULLMAN — Amendment 9

Another amendment aimed at correcting an outdated article in the state constitution.

Buttram said through the years the nature of business in Alabama has changed or evolved. He said the wording of the constitution is at time irrelevant regarding the types of businesses in Alabamam such as corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.

From a legal perspective, Buttram said it is important that the language of the constitution is concise and reflects changes in business that occurred in the last 111 years. The amendment also continues the Legislature’s power to regulate and impose a business privilege tax on corporations and other entities.

Amendment 10

Like Amendment 9, this is what lawmakers call a “clean up” bill of the constitution. Amendment 10  updates Alabama’s current banking practices. A yes vote also prohibits the state from becoming a stockholder in any bank or banking corporation.

Amendment 11

While this issue was originally intended for Lawrence County, it became a statewide amendment because it has merit in communities across the state, Oden said.

The amendment, if approved, would prevent any municipality located outside of Lawrence County from imposing a municipal ordinance or regulation, including a tax, on properties or communities  within Lawrence County.

Bussman said the matter in questions relates specifically to Lawrence County’s key industrial park, which borders Morgan County. Police jurisdictions often extend beyond city limits and can cross into neighboring counties.

Bussman said Decatur and Morgan County have industrial parks that are nearly filled and Lawrence County needs to protect its interests from any encroachment.


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