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July 11, 2014

‘SERVE team’ to assist Sportsman Lake in Cullman today

CULLMAN — Several visitors wearing bright red T-shirts will be coming to Sportsman Lake from Birmingham today. They won’t be coming for the new splash pad, however. They’re coming to serve.

The Birmingham-based megachurch, Church of the Highlands,  is sponsoring the SERVE Day event. Throughout the area, the church has sent small groups of church members wearing bright red T-shirts to work on projects to benefit local communities. One Birmingham group chose Cullman’s Sportsman Lake park for their service site.

“It’s just an honor to have them come up here and do it for us,” Sportsman Lake Park manager Delitha Marchman said. “I’ve been really shorthanded, [and] I just feel so blessed that they’re coming here.”

The “SERVE team” will be working on several different tasks for the half-day they work here.

“What we’re really concentrating on is the entrance to the park,” Marchman said. “We’ll be taking up the flower beds and redoing them, especially where the sign is.”

In addition, the team will work on clearing trails up in the woods, cutting them back and spraying plant killer on poison oak nearby.

“If they have time, they’re going to paint our playground in the back,” Marchman said. The team will also be doing general cleaning of the restrooms and trash cans.

Marchman added that 9 Yards Landscaping would be donating equipment for the project.

“It’s just a blessing, their coming,” she said.

SERVE team leader Beth Anderson of Birmingham said that she was happy to bring in the group.

“[Delitha Marchman] does an amazing amount of work just on her own” at the park, Anderson said, adding that Marchman has overseen both the new Veterans Park and new splash pad come in during her time as park manager.

“I thought it would just be a good opportunity to serve, not only her, but also the county and City of Cullman,” she said.

The Church of the Highlands recently launched campuses in Huntsville and Fultondale. Cullman, Anderson said, is “right in between.”

Anderson said that when she came up with the idea, she saw it as a very practical way to link arms with those serving the local area.

“I really thought it would be a great way to give back to someone who’s [giving] so much to her community,” Anderson said.

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