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February 24, 2013

100+ assemble for 2nd amendment rally

Gun advocates meet on courthouse steps

Cullman native Will Eddleman, 27, spent Saturday morning on the steps of the Cullman County courthouse, on the edge of the crowd for a Second Amendment rally for gun rights. The Fairview graduate recently finished a tour in the Army that took him overseas, and though he’s home now, he said he still feels a sense of duty that drew him to the event.

“On September 12, 2006 I raised my right hand and swore to protect the constitution from all threats, foreign and domestic,” Eddleman said. “Even though I’m out of the service now, I still stand by that oath.”

Approximately 100 citizens assembled in downtown Cullman for the event, with conservative radio host Michael Hart serving as the keynote speaker. Many attendees carried signs bearing slogans such as “Limit Gov’t Not Freedom,” and “It’s Not About Left or Right, It’s About What’s Right.” Several signs were also posted in opposition of President Barack Obama, including one calling for his impeachment and another comparing him to Hitler.

“We have the rights to carry, to form a militia and bear arms,” Hart said to cheers from the crowd. “As right wing, Christian conservatives we have a responsibility to protect the liberal left from what they don’t know and don’t understand. What people on the left don’t understand is that the Second Amendment was designed to protect the First Amendment. We’re supposed to be able to possess guns to prevent people from taking those rights away.”

Hart encouraged those in attendance to purchase concealed weapon permits as a show of support for gun rights, even if they don’t own a weapon.

Support the Second Amendment, that’s what sends the message,” he said. “Don’t just be supporters of the Second Amendment, be lovers of the Second Amendment.”

Danny Rodgers, of West Point, said he wanted to attend the rally to show his support for the country and his conservative values.

“It’s the fact that I actually fear for our Constitution with this man in the White House,” Rodgers said of the president. “I believe in the Second Amendment and wanted to show my support. I know we have some gun issues in this country, because there are laws not being enforced. We don’t have anyone in Washington with the guts to step up and defend our rights.”

Cullman Police estimated the crowd at approximately 100 people and said there were no issues reported at the event.

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