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June 18, 2013

CRMC has in house drill on abduction

Cullman Regional Medical Center participated in a child abduction drill Tuesday afternoon that left many visitors thinking the scenario was actually real.

The claim that a child was taken from the premises was false, but hospital employees were preparing for such an event with in-house drills that left many believing a child had actually been kidnapped.

CRMC’s CEO Jim Weidner said practicing safety and housing these drills is preparation in case the event does occur on CRMC’s time.

“Conducting drills such as these is how we stay on top of our security measures in the event of an actual abduction,” Weidner said. “Our primary objective when doing these is to ensure the safety of any moms and babies.”

Rena Campbell, R.N. said she thought the drills went smoothly following “Code Infant Security” being announced over the intercom.

“When we heard it, we were responsible for getting to each of the exit signs and checking suspicious characters,” Campbell said. “People who have large bags or anything that could hold or cover a baby would be checked. They called all-clear not long after announcing the code and within 10-15 minutes, they announced it again. We went to our exits and did checks a second time but didn’t find anything in our department that I know of.”

Campbell works in the Medical Day hospital of CRMC and said the announcement was sent out hospital wide.

“After they announced it a second time, we thought it may be a drill.” Campbell said. “It’s rare for it to be announced, but I felt like it went well and we all did what the code called us to do.”

CRMC uses drills in an effort to better prepare their staff and often come without any type of warning.

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