- Cullman, Alabama

July 5, 2013

Internal investigation into K-9 police dog shooting closed

By Lauren Estes
The Cullman Times

— A Hanceville police officer will face no disciplinary action in the shooting of a K-9 police dog last week, which occurred after the animal attacked the officer during a training session.

On Monday, June 24 around 3:45 p.m., the Belgian Malinois Ichi Bon attacked officer Anthony Childress during a training session at C.W.Day Park. Following the attack, Childress shot and killed his canine partner and was taken to the hospital with lacerations to his head that required surgery.

Per procedure, an internal investigation was conducted following the shooting. Police Chief Bob Long said the results showed that Childress followed protocol during the incident.

“The dog bit our officer and I’m sorry we lost the dog, but it had to be done,” Long said. “The situation could have been a lot worse. The investigation is closed, he faces absolutely no disciplinary action at all.”

As Childress continues to recover, Long said he was examined for a shoulder injury he obtained during the attack and it could require surgery.

“A couple of months ago while he and dog were playing, the dog jerked Anthony and pulled his shoulder out of socket,” Long said. “During the attack, when he was knocked down, he fell on his shoulder and dislocated it again. Following a recent doctor visit, we were told he could need surgery and if that happens he will be off work 6-8 weeks. We are going back for a second opinion in case he just has to do rehab, but surgery is a possibility.”

He said the Hanceville Police Department’s main concern is Childress’  health and safety.

“It’s one thing if it happens once, but what if he’s on duty confronting a violent subject and he gets into a fight and dislocates it again,” Long said.

“We have to make sure the injury is okay. Again we’re thankful it’s not worse than what it was. We want to get him healed up so he’s back on the road to patrol.”

The police department chipped in to purchase Ichi Bon a headstone which will be placed at the grave site. The dog was buried the day after the incident.

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