- Cullman, Alabama

February 28, 2013

4 West Point juveniles arrested for throwing live goat from bridge

Youths charged with cruelty to animals for allegedly beating, killing animal

By Trent Moore
The Cullman Times

WEST POINT — Four West Point juveniles have been arrested and are currently being held after allegedly stealing a goat, beating it and throwing it off a bridge.

The Cullman Couty Sheriff’s Office reports the four youths, whose names have been withheld because they are minors, stole a young goat from a county resident on the night of February 22.

They reportedly carried the animal to a small bridge at the intersection of County Roads 1216 and 1218 between West Point and Battleground and tossed it over the railing. Authorities say the goat appears to have been beaten and had its legs bound before it was thrown from the 18-foot-high bridge into the shallow water below.

The goat reportedly died from drowning, as well as injuries sustained in the beating.

“It was abused and killed,” Sheriff’s Office Major Scott Clay said. “It’s just kids doing what they shouldn’t do.”

Authorities say the suspects recorded the entire incident on video.

Investigators were alerted to the crime when rumors began circulating among local students that a cell phone video of the crime existed.

“It was rumored through the school, so we obtained information to get the video off the phone,” Clay said.

The four youths have been charged with a felony count of theft of property in the second degree, as well as misdemeanor cruelty to animals. The suspects are currently being held in a juvenile facility.

Considering their age, authorities say they will likely face probation.

Editor's Note: Authorities have not released a copy of the video.

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