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April 5, 2014

Photo ID required to vote in June 3 primary

GARDEN CITY — The clock is ticking for residents planning to vote in the June 3 primary that don’t have a valid photo ID to obtain one, election officials said.

On Friday, the Alabama Secretary of State set up two mobile locations in Garden City and Fairview for residents to get free photo voter ID cards. Beginning with the June primary, Alabama voters must have a specific type of photo identification at the polls in order to vote.

Residents with driver licenses or non-driver ID will be able to present their ID when they vote and will not need a new photo voter ID which can only be used specifically to vote. You must be a registered voter in order to obtain a free Alabama photo voter ID card. As March 31, there were 47,117 active registered voters in Cullman County.

Cullman County residents that don’t have a valid photo ID can obtain a free voter ID card at the Cullman County Board of Registrars office at the Cullman County Courthouse.

“A person who doesn’t a photo ID that shows up to vote will only be allowed to vote provisional,” said Nan Auston with the county registrar’s office. “The provisional ballots have to be reviewed first before they are counted.”

Someone without proper photo ID will also be allowed to vote if two election officials can confirm his or her identity, Auston said.

When a resident obtains a photo voter ID, they will receive a paper copy, similar to a temporary driver’s license, which can be used to vote for 45 days after receipt. Voters should receive their free photo voter ID card within 14 days of processing.

To receive a free Alabama Photo Voter ID card, a voter must show one of the following:

‰ A photo ID document or a non-photo identity document can be used if it contains your full legal name and date of birth.

‰ Documentation showing the voter’s birth date.

‰ Documentation showing the person is a registered voter.

‰ Documentation showing the voter’s name and address as reflected in the voter registration record.

The last two items must be verified to receive the free ID card by checking the voter's record in the statewide voter registration system.

The following non-photo ID documents can be used to obtain a free voter ID card: birth certificate, hospital or nursing home record, marriage record, state or federal Census record, military record, Medicare or Medicaid document, Social Security Administration document, certificate of citizenship and official school record or transcript. All must contain full legal name and birth.

The Alabama Department of Public Health will provide free birth or marriage certificate to the processing or issuing agent when a voter needs one of these documents in order to obtain a free Alabama photo voter ID card. This certificate is for voting purposes only, is provided electronically and won’t be used for any other purpose.

You may simultaneously register to vote and apply for a free Alabama photo voter ID card if there is no issue with your registration at your local Board of Registrars office. If a voter is applying for a non-driver ID card, the voter will sign the application stating he or she is an Alabama elector.

“If you’re not registered to vote or need to update your information — your address or you’ve gotten married — you need to do it now,” Auston said.

The last day to register to vote for the June 3 primary is May 23 (10 days prior to the election). Those who register after the deadline will be allowed to vote in the primary run-off July 15 and general election Nov. 4.

The last day to apply for an absentee ballot to vote in the primary is May 29. Absentee ballots must be postmarked June 2.

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