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April 30, 2013

‘Kind-of like Mayberry’ - Dodge City deputy doing part to keep crime down

DODGE CITY — He may not be Barney Fife, but Dodge City’s township deputy David Nunn said his role the past two years does remind him a lot of the classic Andy Griffith Show.

“We haven’t had to execute a search warrant since August of last year that I’m aware of,” Nunn said. “It will be two years this month since I started working in Dodge City, it’s kind-of like ‘Mayberry,’ with a town having it’s own deputy to go to. My goal is to provide the best service possible and get better at what I do everyday.”

Many cities have an officer or officers specifically assigned to them, but Dodge City, which is actually a town, maintains its own township deputy assigned by the Cullman County Sheriff's office.

Along with being a team leader on the SWAT team, firearms instructor, advocate for Project Lifesaver, and a field training officer (FTO), David Nunn has experience working with a small community being from Cordova and expressed one of the most important factors of his job is communication with the citizens.

"You always need to strive to have great communication with the public," Nunn said. "That's how you learn about the neighborhood and build trust. I want to continually build stronger relationships with all the citizens. I feel like I have a great relationship with them now."

Nunn said the quality of communication with the citizens can often display the type of job that is being done to help keep Dodge City and other areas he works with safe.

“I go by the complaints I get,” Nunn said. “I do my normal patrolling in the parking lots where I’m easily visible. If I get a complaint, I increase the visibility and coverage in that area.”

Dodge City has experienced its issues with drug charges and other crime, like many rural areas. With the added officer, the crime rate has seen a noticeable drop. Nunn gives credit to the Sheriff’s office and law enforcement.

“Sheriff Rainey sets goals for us, and I feel like we should not just meet his goals, but exceed them,” Nunn said. “The Sheriff’s office has done a great job, especially with narcotics. Since Sheriff Rainey was elected, they’ve made over 2900 cases.”

Rainey said that as officers, “they are all servants”  for the citizens and “a Sheriff is not any good if he doesn’t have good people working for him.”

“Any spot can be dangerous in Cullman County, but being so close to the interstate, I think one of my top personnel should be working that area,” Rainey said. “I think I made a very good decision putting Officer Nunn in Dodge City.”

Both Rainey and Nunn agree that “presence is everything” and it’s a honor to work with the people.

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