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February 4, 2012

Police investigate injury to Cullman woman

CULLMAN — Cullman police aren’t yet sure how a local woman, currently hospitalized, ended up lying unresponsive next to her car over the weekend, but they are cautiously treating the incident as though violence could have been involved.

Officers and paramedics responded to a call around 10:45 a.m. Saturday reporting the woman, Shelia Givens of Cullman, appeared unresponsive in the parking lot of Twin Willow apartments on Warnke Road, where she lives alone.

Givens, who is in her late forties, remained unresponsive and was taken by ambulance to Cullman Regional Medical Center (CRMC) before then being transported by ambulance to UAB Hospital, where assistant Cullman police chief Craig Green said her condition remained unstable late Saturday afternoon.

“We arrived this morning at about the same time as the ambulances did, and we found Ms. Givens lying next to her vehicle in the parking lot,” said Green. “She appeared to have sustained head trauma, and there appeared to be some pools of blood in the area where she lay, and near her vehicle.

“At this point, it is still very difficult to piece together whether a crime had taken place, or whether she had sustained some type of accident. For the sake of caution, and because we cannot talk to Ms. Givens to learn more about what had happened, we are going to approach this incident as though we were investigating a crime.”

Currently, no one has been taken into custody in relation to the incident. Green said an alleged friend of Ms. Givens, a male who lives in a separate apartment at the same complex, agreed to be taken to the police station for questioning but is presently not considered a suspect.

“He voluntarily came with us to the station, as the last known person she was with, but he has been cooperative, and, as of right now, he’s just a witness,” Green said. “We are not releasing that name at this time; as we investigate what took place, we hope to get a clearer picture of whether this is an investigation into a criminal matter, or an unfortunate accident.”

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