- Cullman, Alabama

October 24, 2012

County agrees to participate in sales tax holidays for weather preparedness

By Ashley Graves
The Cullman Times

— Flashlights. Batteries. A weather radio.

No one can be too prepared for when severe weather strikes. But purchasing such items can be a bit on the expensive side for those on tight budgets.

On Tuesday, the Cullman County Commission passed a resolution to help ease the burden for one weekend out of the year for residents, as they agreed to participate in future statewide sales tax holidays for severe weather preparedness.

The state held its first-ever sales tax holiday for such items in July, but according to Cullman County sales tax enforcement director Chris King, in the upcoming years, the holiday will be the last weekend in February.

"This is for batteries, flashlights, generators under a certain amount, and anything you might need to survive a storm," King said. "Passing this just helps saving you for having to rush to get something out each time in the future. All we have to do if we decide not to participate is to notify the state a couple of weeks in advance."

The holiday, which usually begins at midnight and continues through Sunday at 11:59 p.m., is a direct result of the work accomplished by Gov. Robert Bentley's Tornado Recovery Action Council, which he appointed following the April, 27, 2011 tornado outbreak.

In other action, the commission:

* designated bank depositories for county funds.

* approved a Memorandum of Settlement with Decatur General for payment of $1,100.

* authorized the Chairman and EMA Director to sign the SMORT grant for the FY 2012 for training and supplies in the amount of $9,903.

* awarded a contract for the renovations to the bathroom at Sportsman Lake Park to Good Hope Painting and Contracting in the amount of $28,862.00.

* considered the surplus of the following CARTS busses to be sold on

    Bus No. 6, 1FDWE35F31HA10367, 2001 Ford Pacer

    Bus No. 7, 1FDWE35F11HA10366, 2001 Ford Pacer LCD

    Bus No. 11    1FDXE45F8YHB85377, 2000 Ford Goshen Coach

    Bus No. 14    1FDWE35F71HA10369, 2001 Ford Goshen Coach

    Bus No. 20    1FDXE45F31HB75622, 2001 Ford E-456

    Bus No. 25    1FDXE45F11HB75621, 2011 Ford GCII

    Bus No. 39    1FDWE35F22HA04674, 2002 Ford pacer II

    Bus No. 49    1FDWE35P56DB15743, 2006 Ford Goshen Coach.

* approved resolution 2013-06, Logging notice, replaces resolution 2012-39 revised adopted Aug 30, 2012.

* approved resolution 2013-07, application for Airport improvement project.

* approved bid. no. 1118, two or more 25 cu/yd rear-loading defuse trucks.

* approved bid. no. 1119, two or more 6 cu/yd Side-loading Refuse Trucks.

* appointed James Graves to the E-911 Board replacing Dorothy Maddox for a four-year term to expire Sept. 1, 2016.

* appointed Caleb Elrod to the Library Board to fill the term of Trina Walker for a term to expire Sept. 30, 2015.

* ratified the following personnel actions:

New Hires:

• Katie Edwards — full time temp to Probate Office.

• Marty Speegle — full time to Road Department.

• Tony Pirkle — full time temp to Sanitation Department.

• Joseph Laningham — full time to Road Department.


• James Taylor — full time to Sanitation Department.

• McRyan Hogeland — full time to Sheriff's Department.

• Scott Clay — full time to Sheriff's Department.

• Ronnie Melton — full time to Sheriff's Department.

• William Montgomery — full time to Sheriff's Department.

• Brannon Hammick — full time to Sheriff's Department.

• James Blackwood — full time to Sheriff's Department.

• Jason Allen — full time to Sheriff's Department.

• Douglas Duke — full time to Sheriff's Department.

• Dennis Shedd — full time to Sheriff's Department.


• Jeffrey Wilhite — full time to Sheriff's Department.

• Eulaylon Hadley — full time to Sheriff's Department.


• Logan Griffith — full time temp from Sportsman Lake to OHV Park.

• Edward Bishop III — full time temp from Sportsman Lake to OHV Park.


• Brandy Styles — full time Sheriff's Department.


• Courtney Hulgan — full time Sheriff's Department.

The next regular county commission meeting will be held Wednesday, Nov. 14 at 10:30 a.m. in the commission meeting room following the swearing-in of Kenneth Walker as the new chairman of the County Commission. A reception for the new chairman will be from 2-4 p.m.

Ashley Graves can be reached by phone at 734-2131, ext. 225, or by email at