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April 3, 2013

Democrat Kelly Evans withdraws from House District 11 race

CULLMAN — By David Palmer


Democratic candidate Kelly Evans has resigned from the race for Alabama House District 11, clearing the way for Republican Randall Shedd to take office sooner than anticipated.

The Hanceville area resident told The Times this afternoon that she sent a letter of resignation to the Alabama Democratic Party headquarters in Montgomery a month ago.

“I’m very disappointed in how they’ve handled this. I’ve been waiting to hear back from them, or if they wanted to offer this to another candidate,” Evans said. “I own two homes, one in Cleveland in Blount County, and the other in the Hanceville area. According to the election map, the home in Hanceville is not in the district and that’s where I spend most of my time. I didn’t want to deceive the voters or waste taxpayers’ money. It’s expensive to run an election and I don’t feel that it’s right that I stay in the race.”

Bradley Davidson, executive director of the Alabama Democratic Party, confirmed Evans’ resignation from the race.

The letter was addressed to me and I just saw a few days ago. I was out sick for a couple of weeks and had been in the hospital,” Davidson said. “Kelly is a good Democrat. It’s difficult to get anyone to run in that district because the lines will change in 2014. We probably will not try to field another candidate until the 2014 election.”


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