- Cullman, Alabama

January 10, 2013

Magnet Paints relocating to West Point

By Ashley Graves
The Cullman Times

WEST POINT — After a long 20-plus years of trying to recruit Magnet Paints and Shellac Company to the area, it has finally been made a done deal.

On Wednesday, at an announcement from West Point Town Hall, Ashlee Stancil, technical sales specialist with the company, announced plans to relocate and expand the company to Cullman County. The new development will create 10-15 jobs initially, with the anticipation of 25 or more within the next few years.

The $2 million facility will be constructed on three acres of land located on County Road 1246, and will produce commercial, industrial, and automotive coatings.

Currently, the New York-based company, which has been in business since 1915,  has a manufacturing facility in Brooklyn, and a distribution center in Amityville.

“My family has extensive roots here, especially in this county with my grandpa being born and raised here in West Point,” said Stancil, whose grandfather is current West Point town council member Frankie Jones. “On the first visit here, Eric, the current owner, knew this is where he wanted to relocate the company, and we’ve been working on that goal ever since.”

Stancil added site prep work would begin later this month, with the rest of construction following.

“We expect to occupy our new facility by the end of the year,” she said.

Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce Interim President Leah Bolin conducted Wednesday’s event, and thanked Stancil and the company for choosing Cullman County as its new southern home.

“Magnet Paints, their investment in the Cullman area, is a strong testament to their commitment to this community and to the state,” she said. “They will become an integral part of our community and their decision to expand or to relocate, will make our area an even greater place to live and do business.”

Numerous other local officials attended the announcement as well. Cullman County Commission Chairman Kenneth Walker echoed Bolin’s thoughts.

“Business and industry is a healthy importance to our community and our county,” Walker said. “We do appreciate all of the new business that we can get to come in. Cullman County is very appreciative for the time and energy that both economic development offices combine together to bring new businesses into our community, and we all benefit from their partnership. We appreciate you choosing Cullman County for being the new home for Magnet Paints.”

Kenneth Kilgo, mayor of West Point, called the announcement a win-win situation.

“Private businesses are what make this country strong,” Kilgo said. “That’s how we stay strong. As a government, our role is to produce an environment that is conducive, and we’re going to be using that more and more. With the tax distribution we have in Cullman, it’s the most conducive to mutual cooperation to any in the state. We’re going to continue to use those tools, because we’ve got some opportunity on the side of 157 out here to improve the quality of life in West Point.”


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