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March 31, 2013

Unsung Hero: Lummie Washington Speakman

CULLMAN — The individual I would like to nominate for your unsung hero’s recognition is Lummie Washington Speakman. I have been privileged enough to know this wonderful man since the day I was born; I am grateful everyday to call him my friend and hold great honor in calling him my grandfather.

It was Easter 1969 Mr. Speakman found his purpose when he was called to preaching the word of God and ministering to those who know Him not yet seek His grace. For years to follow, Mr. Speakman hosted a Christian radio program, organized/hosted church revivals all over the state, ministered to the lost, enlightened those in darkness, operated a church and congregation, counseled the sick and elderly, made house calls to those who couldn’t attend service or had no way of transportation, provided financial assistance to those sincerely in need, fed the hungry, sheltered the homeless, and raised not only his two children but also stood as a father figure to many children who lacked such in their home life. He worked 50+ hours to provide for his family and in the evening and on Saturdays he dedicated himself to helping those he felt inspired through faith, prayer, and love to do so. 

Despite this exhausting schedule, he remained invigorating and thrived to be a blessing to everyone he met.

Mr. Speakman suffered a heart attack in 1985 which almost claimed his life. He was ordered by the doctors to take it easy and rest more, not to burden himself with so much stress, and eat healthier. He still worked to support his household and continued preaching to his congregation.

Despite all the hardships and obstacles Mr. Speakman has faced and been forced to overcome, one thing has not wavered… his faith.

When his health permitted, he single-handedly kept maintenance and upgrade of the church and its facilities never accepting payment for his services. He has opened up his home and church to those seeking refuge while down on their luck, trying to escape from an aggressive relationship and/or a caustic routine. These are just a few of the countless attributes that qualify Mr. Lummie Washington Speakman as the model character of your 2012 Unsung Hero’s recognition.

— Nominated by Josh Speakman

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