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March 31, 2013

PALS hosting upcoming community wide cleanup

CULLMAN — Interested in helping to better Cullman County? A community-wide cleanup will take place from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. on Saturday, hosted by People Against a Littered State.

PALS member Cherrie Haney said that she wants people to say that this is the cleanest Cullman has ever been.

“Our goal is to get as much of the litter off the roadways as possible,” said Haney. “We encourage everyone to come out and help pick up, even if they can’t do anything but pick up in front of their house. Also, we encourage if you can, to do a half-mile cleanup in one direction and a half in the other on your street.”

Haney said this will give the community awareness about the little things that can be done to keep Cullman clean.

“This will show us why we do not need to throw things out of our car windows and also use the garbage pick-up that we pay for,” Haney said. “There are so many people that pay for a garbage pickup and their trash bags end up in a ditch. If we can do this, we can keep our community clean.”

It will take more than a few people to get the job done, Haney said, and many people have already taken part in working for this day.

“Sheriff Mike Rainey has been awesome; He has won the state award for his participation in the cleanup twice,” Haney said. “We’ve gotten a lot of help from him and the program they have with the inmates that clean up a lot of our roads.”

“I’d just like to encourage everyone to keep their garbage in their vehicle until they get home,” Rainey said. “There is no excuse for littering on the highway.”

Rainey said his office is going to do its part with helping to keep Cullman clean.

“With all the new businesses and things coming to Cullman, we really need to take pride in trying to keep our communities cleaner,” Rainey said. “We won’t hesitate to write a ticket either if someone is throwing garbage out of their vehicle. PALS is a great organization and I’m honored to be apart of it.”

 Director of work release, Sgt. Mark Kilpatrick, said on average crews pick up 1,200-2,400 pounds of garbage a day and have been involved with the PALS program for a number of years.

“At this point, all communities are going to have sites set aside for dumping,” Kilpatrick said. “We will have two crews on the road, on the West and East side for the purpose of picking it up.

Haney encourages anyone who wants to get more involved to take part in the ‘Adopt a Mile’ program.

“We have a lot of volunteers who have adopted a mile and that program is still going on,” Haney said. “We would love for more people to do that, it would make our community that much cleaner.”

 “We also want to thank all of our mayors for participating; They are awesome,” Haney said.

Trash bags are available at local town and city halls, which are provided by the state. There are 60 counties in Alabama participating in the cleanup.

 “If we all work together to get Cullman cleaner we can get it accomplished and we can keep it that way,” Haney said.

For more information, please contact Cherrie Haney at (256)-775-2906.

* Lauren Estes can be reached at 256-734-2131, ext. 270 or at

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