- Cullman, Alabama

October 3, 2013

Good Hope officials set budget for 2014 fiscal year

By Lauren Estes
The Cullman Times

GOOD HOPE — The city council added three new donations to their 2014 fiscal year budget, and came to a quick consensus at a special called meeting  on Monday night.

Recently the North Alabama Agriplex sent representatives to a bi-monthly council meeting to request a resident based donation to go toward funding the county agricultural center. Good Hope included in their budget a $2,500 donation to the Agriplex to represent their city residents.

Council member Susan Eller requested one change be made to the budget in the form of a $2,500 donation to the non-profit group Cullman Caring For Kids. The request was granted.

“Cullman Caring For Kids’ donations were down following the summer months and with all they do for the community, I really feel like we should donate to the organization,” Eller said to the council.

The budget established for the 2014 was for $1,034,711. The budget created for the 2013 year was $1,016,000, but Good Hope actually spent $1,066,712,49, just over $50,000 more than the original set budget. Mayor Corey Harbison said they saved money to cover the overage in the budget, which was caused by a $500,000 sewer and paving project at Mayfair subdivision.

Harbison said the council did not budget the expense for a second township deputy in 2014.

The 2014 fiscal budget included nine donations including three new donations to the Cullman Soil and Water Conservation District for $1,000, the $2,500 to the Agriplex and Cullman Caring For Kids.

The Cullman County Sheriff’s Office received $40,000 which covers their township deputy expense. Good Hope High School received $13,000, and their Middle, Elementary and Primary schools each received $4,000. Harbison said those funds are given for educational purposes including, but not limited to: Educational tools, classroom equipment and supplies. Good Hope Fire and Rescue received $6,000. Harbison said it follows a contract between the volunteer department and the city to use their services and help with the purchase of new equipment or whatever they may need.  All six donations matched the 2013 budget amounts.

The council also announced the city’s most recent Standard and Poor’s rating which increased from an A- to an A+.

Harbison also discussed the 2014 summer opening of the new $10 million retail project that will bring a truck stop, Wendy’s restaurant and Dunkin’ Donuts store to Good Hope’s city limits.

The next Good Hope city council meeting will be Monday, October 7, at 6:30 p.m.

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