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August 30, 2012

GOP Convention Blog: Notes from Wednesday

TAMPA, Fla. — If you watched the convention, you heard the speakers, including Ann Romney and Gov Chris Christie. A few personal notes: Security is very tight with a Secret Service and police cordon established for many blocks around the convention center. We have seen no protesters. If they are here, they are being kept far away from us. The convention center is packed with delegates, alternate delegates, guests and a huge press corps, both national and international, numbering in the thousands. Seating on the floor is very tight, not real comfortable and the air conditioning is barely keeping up. The convention food is poor, with little variety and high prices. But, none of that is what we are here for and the place is full of political junkies like me, who have worked hard to get here and would not miss a moment.

Our Alabama Delegation has been treated to a long line of high profile speakers at our daily two hour hotel breakfast, five miles from the convention center. We understand we have managed to land a much greater number of morning speakers than any of the other 49 delegations here. Our Wednesday morning line up today included: Texas Governor Rick Perry, Texas Republican Senate Candidate and Tea Party Star Ted Cruz, former Secretary of State Condi Rice, our national GOP Chairman Reince Preibus, Mitt Romney's Son Tag, last night's key note speaker Gov Chris Christie and Weekly Standard Editor and Fox News Contributor Fred Barnes. It is one thing to see these people on TV or in a huge convention center, but quite another to see and hear them up close and personal in a small breakfast room, holding about 120 people.


Governor Perry said "Republican governors, like several you heard last night, are showing the way the nation should be led. They are balancing budgets, wiping out deficits, standing up to teacher's unions and growing surpluses. I believe America longs for leaders who will lead and will tell them the truth. We need to deliver this nation back to it's roots of free enterprise, less government and less regulation, where business owners know they can invest, grow and hire more people."

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