- Cullman, Alabama

July 2, 2013

Cold Springs principal retires; Child Dev. Center names new leader

By Lauren Estes
The Cullman Times

— One Cullman County school has found its new principal, while another will be looking for one this summer, as the school board looks to fill positions vacated by retirements this year.

Chris Chambers has been named the new principal of the Child Development Center campus. He replaces long-time principal Charles Clemmons, who retired at the end of the 2012-2013 school year.

Chambers previously worked in Blount County and brings approximately 17 years of special education experience to the position.

The system has also hired former Jasper City Schools employee Tiffany Mitchell, who has 23 years of special education experience, to serve as systemwide special education coordinator. Clemmons had previously held both positions.

Cullman County Board of Education Superintendent Billy Coleman said he believes splitting the duties will make for a more well-rounded special education program.

“We created two positions at this point, and we think that’s the right step to take to give the right amount of focus to this area,” Coleman said.

While the Child Development Center has filled its vacancy, Cold Springs High School will be looking for a new principal to open the 2013-2014 school year, as Tommy Youngblood has announced his retirement effective July 31.

After 25 years at the school as everything from teacher, to coach, to assistant principal and finally principal the past three years, Youngblood said it was a hard decision to leave.

“It’s such a wonderful place and there are certainly a lot of emotions,” he said. “I’ve come all the way through the ranks here and had some of the greatest times of my life.”

The interview process started Monday to find Youngblood’s replacement, and the board hopes to make a hire soon to have someone in place for the start of school.

Coleman said both Youngblood and Clemmons will be missed, though he’s confident both schools will be able to carry on with the traditions started under the long-time leaders.

“We appreciate Dr. Clemmons, and Mr. Youngblood for the many contributions they’ve made to our system, and we appreciate their years of service to our students,” he said.

In other business, the board:

 Approved the following resignations:

—  Rodney Elliott, Sr. High Baseball Coach, Cold Springs High.

— Christy Chappell, Special Education Teacher Aide, West Point High.

— Bonnie Turner, Speech Pathologist, Holly Pond/Harmony.

— Brenna Carol Rigsby, Special Education Teacher, West Point High.

— Jody Bryant, Band Director, West Point High.

— Sondra A. Kelley, Bookkeeper (12 months), Vinemont High.

— Eddy Leverett, Teacher, Career Center.

— Tommy Youngblood, Principal, Cold Springs High.

— Wanda (Faye) McGatha, Custodian, Central Office.

 Approved voluntary transfers:

— Delores Joyce Clark, From: CNP Worker, Harmony; To: CNP Manager, Harmony.

— Angie Yarbrough, From: Assistant Principal/ELL Teacher, West Point Elementary; To: Assistant Principal/Computer Teacher, West Point Elem.

— Amy Griffin, From: 3rd grade Teacher, West Point Elementary; To: ELL Teacher, West Point Elementary.

— Phillip Gay, From: Principal (K-6), Cold Springs Elementary; To:    Principal (K-8), Cold Springs Elementary.

— Danielle Partain, From: Media Specialist, Vinemont Elementary; To: Media Specialist, Vinemont Middle.

— Angela Kee, From:  Special Ed Aide, Fairview Elementary; To:  Special Ed Aide, Fairview Middle.

— Catherine Pruett, From: Special Ed Aide, Fairview Elementary; To:  Special Ed Aide, Fairview Middle.

— Kathy Epperson, From: Special Ed Aide/LPN, Good Hope Primary; To:  Special Ed Aide/LPN, Good Hope Elementary.

— Christie Barnett, From:  Special Ed Aide, Holly Pond Middle; To:  Special Ed Aide, Holly Pond High.

— Felicia Bartlett, From:  Special Ed Aide, Vinemont Middle;  To:  Special Ed Aide, Vinemont High.

— Natalie Fowler, From: Special Ed Aide, Vinemont Middle; To:  Special Ed Aide, Vinemont High.

— Pam Chandler, From: Special Ed Aide, Parkside; To:  Special Ed Aide, Fairview High.

— Deborah Twilley, From:  Special Ed Aide, Hanceville Middle; To:  Special Ed Aide, Hanceville High.

 Approved Vinemont Elementary Internal Transfers, effective August 8, 2013:

— Linda Cadle, From: Kindergarten; To: 1st grade.

— Kim Cogle, From: 1st grade; To: Kindergarten.

— Myra Ford, From: 4th grade; To: 1st grade.

— Mitzi Guthrie, From: 5th grade Reading; To: 4th grade Math.

— Laura Hayes, From: Music; To: 5th grade Math.

— Jacqueline Hill, From: 4th grade Math; To: 5th grade Reading.

— Keith Kugler, From: 5th grade; To: 4th grade.

— John Moody, From: 5th grade Math; To: 5th grade Science.

— Amy Page, From: 5th grade Science; To: 4th grade Science.

— Sandra Sandlin, From: 4th grade; To: 5th grade.

— Leah White, From: 1st grade; To: K-2 Intervention Teacher.

— Jeni Wilhite, From: 1st grade; To: 2nd grade.

 Cold Springs High to Colds Springs Elementary Teacher Transfers, effective August 8, 2013: Lisa Campbell, Melanie Haynes, Adam McKinnon, Bruce Parker and Greg Tomlin.

 Approved appointments:

— Jennifer Taylor, Computer Technician, as assigned.

— Terry Wilhite, Accountant, Accounting Department.

— Tiffany Mitchell, Special Education Coordinator, Child Development Center.

— Maria Wren, Kindergarten Teacher, West Point Elementary

— Joseph Hawkins, Part-time Custodian, Holly Pond High

— Austin Richard, Student Summer Worker, Cold Springs

 Approved Bookroom Workers: Cameron Brock, Frankie Fincher, Ashtyn Sapp, Emily Hines.

 Approved Garden City Elementary Summer Program:

— Terri Taylor.

— Substitutes:  Trish Whatley and Marie Sandlin.

 Approved Holly Pond Student Workers: Dekota Edwards, Connor Patterson, Hannah Burks, Brittany Shoemaker.

 Approved contract for summer work:

— Amanda Bell, Summer Work, Garden City.

— Blake Flynt, Part-time work, Good Hope Primary.

— Ashley Kent, Part-time Worker, Good Hope Primary.

— Patricia Wise, Summer Worker, Hanceville Elementary.

— Jerry Bice, Cleaning & Floors, Hanceville Middle.

— Judy Doss, Secretary, Good Hope Elementary.

— Susan Byram, Summer Worker, West Point High.

— Susan Peinhardt, Custodian, Harmony.

— Bridgett Rodgers, Secretary, Vinemont High.

— Delan Trimble, Counselor, Vinemont High.

— Michelle Schlosser, Special Education Teacher, Vinemont Elementary

 Approved salary/contract changes:

— Michelle Schlosser, Upgrade to Master’s.

— Nick White, Upgrade to Master’s.

 Approved a request to pay 10 days of unused annual leave for Sondra Kelley and Larry Pruitt.

 Approval to pay select personnel to help with the administration of the summer Alabama High School Graduation Exam from the general fund.

 Approval of bills and salaries and financial statements.

 Approved out-of-state field trip requests:

— Good Hope High School, June 28-29, 2013; To: St. Louis, Missouri for World Archery Tournament.

— West Point Middle School, June 28-29, 2013; To: St. Louis, Missouri for World Archery Tournament.

 Approval of request from Vinemont High School to host access summer school classes.

 Approval of request from Cold Springs High School to name the track after Claborn M. Campbell.

 Approval of request from the Child Nutrition Program to dispose of the follow non-salvageable equipment from Welti Cafeteria: Walk-in Freezer, Stainless Steel 3-compartment Sink, Serving Line with Sneeze Guard.

 Approval of request from the following schools to dispose of obsolete computers, monitors, appliances at Child Development Center, West Point Middle, Garden City, Vinemont Elementary.

 Approved personnel to work past the age of 70:

— Carolyn Ashley, Substitute School Bus Driver.

— Gloria Bean, School Bus Driver.

— Okley Shelton, Substitute School Bus Driver.

— Fred Kugler, School Bus Driver.

— Sam Nichols, Custodian, Fairview High.

— Billy Sharpton, School Bus Driver.        

 Approved a request from the transportation director to extend bid to McPherson Companies, Inc. for gasoline and diesel fuel for the 2013-2014 school year.


— Next Workshop, Monday, June 24, 2013, 5:30 p.m., central office board room.

— Next Meeting, Thursday, July 11, 2013, 6:30 p.m, Central office board room (5:30 p.m. work session).

Trent Moore can be reached by e-mail at, or by telephone at 734-2131, ext. 220.