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June 14, 2014

Ballot breakdown: Buttram carries city, Harbison wins areas of county

CULLMAN — The race for Alabama House District 12 won’t be decided until a runoff next month, though a breakdown of the 36 applicable ballot boxes show which candidates pulled support from different areas of Cullman County.

Incumbent Alabama Rep. Mac Buttram led last week’s primary with 3,866 total votes and 43.96 percent, though challenger Corey Harbison was close behind with 3,627 votes and 41.24 percent. The two will now face off July 15 in a runoff.

Fellow challenger Roy Jackson, a local attorney, is now out of the race after earning just 1,302 votes and 14.8 percent.

Buttram carried the City of Cullman, which represents the largest municipality in the county. He averaged approximately 55 percent of the vote, against Harbison’s 34 percent in the city.

Buttram also took the edge in several small Cullman County communities as judged by returns, including Garden City with 43 percent, Moody with 37 percent, Arkadelphia with 41 percent, Crane Hill with 43 percent, Jones Chapel with 44 percent, West Point with 53 percent, Bremen with 36 percent, Vinemont with 37 percent, Welti with 44 percent, Brushy Pond with 33 percent, White City with 46 percent, Kelley community with 44 percent, East Point with 56 percent, and Trimble with 43 percent.

Harbison, the current mayor of Good Hope, had slightly less total votes than Buttram but carried many small-to-mid-size boxes countywide. Harbison led in Grandview with 57 percent, Center Hill with 56 percent, Baldwin with 44 percent, the Cullman Co. Health Department box with 48 percent, Bolte with 40 percent, absentee voters with 40 percent, Cold Springs with 46 percent, Valley Grove with 46 percent, Bethsadia with 43 percent, Logan with 52 percent, Bethel with 46 percent, his native Good Hope with 58 percent, Dodge City with 42 percent, Hanceville with 45 percent, Stouts Mountain with 54 percent, and Colony with 46 percent. 

It should be noted that percentages can sometimes be skewed by small ballot boxes, with some smaller communities totaling as little as a few dozen votes in each race.

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