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December 18, 2012

Attempted burglary reported near recent attack

A person attempted to break into an elderly Cullman woman’s home early Sunday afternoon while she was there, just a few weeks after a woman was attacked three blocks away in an unrelated incident.

Cullman police are investigating an attempted burglary at a residence on Eva Road, just a few blocks away and in clear view of Cullman High School. An 85-year-old woman was assaulted approximately three blocks away at a home on 4th Avenue SE on December 3. Police arrested Arab resident Emmett Leroy Davis in the earlier assault case and believe the incidents are in no way related.

The door was reportedly kicked in at the Eva Road home, though the suspect or suspects immediately left once they realized the woman was home. Nothing was reported stolen.

Cullman Police Lt. Craig Montgomery said the case is under investigation and encouraged local residents to be vigilant when they see suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.

“The man we believe committed the earlier attack is currently sitting in jail on bond, and we do not believe these are connected in any way,” he said. “But we do want to remind people to watch out for your neighbors. If you notice a strange person or strange vehicle at your  neighbor’s house, call the police, because a legitimate person doesn’t mind identifying themselves to the police. Be alert.”

Montgomery noted a similar string of burglaries that occurred late last year, which ended with the suspect currently serving time in a Morgan County prison, and said would-be burglars often target homes that appear to be empty.

“In conversations with him, he told us he targeted homes during daylight hours and targeted homes where no vehicle was present,” he said. “In those cases, he told us he would knock on the doors, he would say he was looking for a certain person and leave, and the homeowner would think it was a legitimate mistake. But, if no one answered, he would kick in the door and steal whatever he could find. A lot of times, these cases are solved because neighbors are looking out for one another and get information to the police.”

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