- Cullman, Alabama

December 13, 2012

2 charged in meth manufacturing case

By David Palmer
The Cullman Times

— Two Cullman County residents were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine after a search of their residence Tuesday by local authorities.

Charged with unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance were Kristian Deanne Morgan, 37, and Sherry Lynn Henry, 44, of Country Road 1400, Lot 7, Vinemont, said Sheriff Mike Rainey.

“The operation was carried out by the Cullman Narcotics Enforcement Team (CNET) after complaints were received from residents,” Rainey said. “A warrant was obtained and officers went to the residence around 8 p.m. to begin their search.”

Once inside the mobile home, officers found a variety of products used in meth production as well as an assortment of pills that are being analyzed, Rainey said.

Two other people at the residence when officers arrived were not charged in the case.

“Everybody is working as a team, and that’s how so much is getting done. We have the City of Cullman police, Hanceville police and the sheriff’s office working together with the community. Residents have been coming forward regularly with information about suspected illegal drug activities and we’re responding. The community is telling us what they know and we work for the community,” Rainey said.

CNET officers found a significant amount of finished meth products at the residence, which led to the unlawful manufacturing charge.

Rainey noted that the number of arrests in the past two years is beginning to show some positive results in the effort to dent the drug problem.

“We feel like our team has responded well to the citizens. We take each one seriously. We have made a lot of arrests and we’re starting to see the number of complaints come down. We hope this is a positive sign for our community,” Rainey said.

Both Morgan and Henry were incarcerated at the Cullman County Detention Center under bonds of $1 million each.

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