- Cullman, Alabama

December 2, 2012

Brandin' Iron expands into Fairview

By Ashley Graves
The Cullman Times

FAIRVIEW — Brian Stricklin can't count the hours he's spent trying to get things off the ground and going with his latest project.

But, almost seven years later, after opening his own restaurant in West Point, the Moulton native will soon have another to keep him even busier than he already is. Late last week, Stricklin, along with his wife Misty, and representatives from around the county helped break ground on the new Brandin' Iron set to open in Fairview in late spring.

"I appreciate everybody's support," Brian said. "This has been a four year project, and I tell you I've worked on it, I don't even want to count the hours, and I know I've got a lot more a head of me. Several of you all out here have supported us out in West Point, and we appreciate that, and that's what has allowed us to develop and grow on this side of the community."

Brian said once open the new restaurant would create 35-40 new jobs in the area. However, tack on those being hired by the business to do contract work on the project and he said it would push that number in upwards of 60.

Fairview mayor Dale Seals said he's excited about the new addition to the town, as it's the first of several projects the town is looking to complete.

"The community is really excited," Seals said."The Brandin' Iron has a lot of repeat business. I've never heard a bad thing about them. I think it's a really great mix for our community and the Brandin' Iron as well."

While searching for a location to put his new restaurant, Brian said he had looked at places in Somerville, and near Sneed before deciding on Fairview.

"Randall (Shedd) came to me with a plan that the town had, and it was a very well thought out plan," Brian said. "The council here is a very cohesive group that works together well and they have a great plan to develop this area, and I'm glad to be a part of it."

With the growth expected within the town over the next several years, Brian added he's looking forward to what lies ahead.

"I believe there's a great opportunity here," Brian said. "I believe there's going to be a great growth in the community. The community has been super supportive so far, and we look forward to being a part of everybody's lives and getting to know everyone over here."

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