- Cullman, Alabama

November 22, 2013

Cullman police take precautions during scare

By Lauren Estes
The Cullman Times

— The Cullman Police Department took proper precautions Thursday afternoon to ensure the community was safe after a Decatur plant located a suspicious package near a rail car and multiple area schools were evacuated earlier that morning.

Police Chief Kenny Culpepper said the police department and Cullman Fire Rescue did precautionary searches of local rail cars after being informed about the suspicious package found in Decatur.

“We want to reassure anyone with concerns about safety issues that all measures have been taken,” Culpepper said. “We’ve checked local train cars and railroad sites and have not been able to locate anything suspicious.”

The package found at the Daikin plant near a rail car in Decatur was later determined to contain marijuana. Culpepper said the Region 6 law enforcement unit is equipped to assist in the situation if they are needed.

“There were 750 work-inmates that could potentially have to be evacuated, and if that happens, we are ready to help them,” Culpepper said.

The department was not utilized further after the package was discovered to not be explosive or an immediate threat to the area. Assistant police chief Craig Green was in Anniston during the commotion along with multiple Decatur policeman attending a a police academy graduation.

“It just so happened that because I was there for one of our officer’s graduations, I was in direct contact with the leadership at the Decatur police department and if something would have happened we would have used those updates and connection to pass along back to our department,” Green said. “Thankfully nothing did occur today. Otherwise we did have more than ample law enforcement on duty and the region six unit ready to deploy if anything would have made it this way. We’re glad the situation was handled without any further incidents.”

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