- Cullman, Alabama

October 24, 2012

City schools adding federal programs/career tech coordinator

By Trent Moore
The Cullman Times

— To provide enough manpower to focus on federal programs and growing career tech options, Cullman City Schools hope to hire a new Federal Programs and Career Technical Education Coordinator in the coming months.

The school board hopes to post the position in the coming weeks, and will be funded almost entirely from federal and career tech funds.

“That position will oversee federal programs as well as career tech in Cullman City Schools,” Superintendent Dr. Jan Harris explained. “We had previously contracted for that, but it will be much more effective having someone on-site to handle this. We haven’t really had anyone on-site to oversee career tech. There’s never been a greater need than today, with the switch to the college and career ready standards in place this year.”

Central office coordinator Sharon Windham had previously handled federal programs, in addition to a myriad of other duties. Harris said the restructuring will allow Windham more time to focus on curriculum, professional development and other areas by combining federal compliance with career tech in a new position.

Career tech was previously contracted to a part-time employee who has since moved on from the system.

“With so many changes at the state level we feel it’s the time to make that a full-time position again,” Harris said. “With an added emphasis we felt a part-time person just couldn’t handed that workload.”

Harris said the new career tech role will work in conjunction with a new scheduling system at the high school, which focuses on career-specific course loads.

“At the high school they completely revamped core curriculum, offering catalogs by changing areas into a ‘guided program of study’ where students can pick classes based on the career they hope to pursue,” she said. “Of course we’re also working with the county at the career center, and we have an arrangement where we send our students there and help financially based on the amount of students.”

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