- Cullman, Alabama

October 23, 2013

No bones about it; Fairview’s Kim Striker has the Halloween spirit

By Lauren Estes
The Cullman Times

FAIRVIEW — Fairview resident Kim Striker is known as a Halloween guru with her extravagant costumes and hauntingly fun home, but this fall season her bony friend George has been stealing away the attention.

 There are no bones about Striker’s Halloween endeavors as she’s crafting a fun way to celebrate many seasonal activities by taking along her skeleton friend, George. Striker has made the life-size plastic skeleton part of her family and he has become a special guest to many events.

“In spite of everything that is going on in the world, we should still laugh and be happy and I think that is what George does, he causes people to smile and they get a kick out of all that he does,” Striker said.

George is compared to the popular Christmas game Elf on the Shelf, but Striker is looking to spread some Halloween cheer instead with some of his mischievous outings as the skeleton helps Striker pay bills, attends football games, fishing tournaments and is along for all car rides.

“I’ve gotten messages from people in other states telling me that they look forward to seeing what George is going to do next,” Striker said. “It’s neat to know there are people out there who get joy out of this.”

Many residents have made special requests for photo-op’s and suggestions to Striker in reference to what George will get into next.

“We visited with the Fairview football team and he wore a Fairview jersey and took a picture with them,” Striker said. “He went with me to a bass fishing tournament and took pictures in the boat and with some other contestants. I even caught him trying to steal a marine boat, he’s very mischievous. He went to the doctor with me and snuck into the doctor’s office and tried on his white smock with his stethoscope; George thinks he is a doctor.”

The character was only created a few, short weeks ago but Striker recently decided to add a few more friends to the equation and make a skeleton family.

“George has met his wife Georgiana and I told him not to rush things, but he did and now we have Baby Bonz,” Striker said. “They love going to birthday parties and making special appearances.”

A friend of Striker, Tonja Grace, said many people in the community are excited to see what Kim plans on doing with George and the skeleton family each day.

“My kids go to Fairview school and everyday they ask me, ‘Mom, what did George do today,’” Grace said. “We check Kim’s page each night to see what she has George doing each day and we laugh together and they enjoy it so much. It’s not just us, she has fans everywhere. She gets e-mails and phone calls everyday about requests to see George do other things. People literally look forward to her posts because they brighten their day.”

 Grace said this is only one of many thoughtful things Striker has done in the community to bring about happiness. Owner of Curl Harbor Salon in Fairview, Striker and many of her clients have also taken a liking to the George idea.

“She’s so kind-hearted, and it’s truly genuine,” Grace said about Striker. “My grandmother is home-ridden, she’s about to pass away and is in the hands of Hospice now. Kim does my hair and I asked her about giving my grandma a haircut. Not only did she go out to my grandma’s house and cut her hair, but she did it for free. She does that kind of thing all the time. She loves helping people and making them feel better. She literally makes others enjoy life.”

Striker’s salon is filled with the Halloween spirit as pumpkins line the room and “That old black Magic” album fills the speakers.

“I love Halloween, I love everything about it,” Striker said. “It’s such a fun holiday. We’re dressing up as zombie characters similar to The Walking Dead. Also, this year I’m decorating my house again and hoping for a lot of trick or treaters.”

Striker was previously known for having a decked out Halloween home and families lined up to bring their costume covered children to see all the creative, spooky, and hauntingly fun decorations.

“We’re doing it again this year,” Striker said. “I’m turning some hay-bells  into huge spiders in the front yard, and a friend of mine is loaning me a coffin. That’s only a few things I’ll mention, we’ll leave the rest as a surprise.”

Striker’s home should be a spooktacular place for the Fairview community to see a be-witching Halloween at it’s best.

To see pictures of George and the skeleton crew, search Kimberlee Chambers Striker on Facebook and see a few more of the skeletons in her closet.

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