- Cullman, Alabama

December 8, 2012

City increases business license fees $2 to match state

By Trent Moore
The Cullman Times

— With the state processing fee for business licenses increasing by $2, the City of Cullman has passed a similar increase to keep prices consistent with the State of Alabama.

The processing fee for a business license from both the city and state was $10, though the state recently raised its processing fee to $12. The Cullman city council approved a measure recently to also increase the local fee to match the state’s new amount.

Mayor Max Townson said the decision was made to avoid confusion.

“We want to stay in compliance with the state and uniform with the state, so we’ve done this,” he said. “They regulate those things and we wanted it to be level.”

Exact business license fees depend on the type of business and income generated an exist above and beyond the processing fees. Licenses must be renewed annually by the end of January.

In other business, the council also:

 Approved a request from Walgreens #15205 for the City of Cullman to consider approving a beer and wine off-premises alcohol license at 444 Second Avenue NW, Cullman, Alabama 35055.

 Approved a request from Water & Sewer Superintendent Chris Freeman to purchase a welder from Apel Machine & Supply Co. in the estimated budgeted cost of $2,199.

 Approved a request from Fire Chief Edward Reinhardt to purchase five portable radios and microphones from Sharp Communications in the estimated budgeted cost of $5,420.

 Approved water department supply bids.

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