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February 3, 2013

NARCOG by-laws committee established

DECATUR, Ala. — With the North-central Alabama Regional Council of Governments (NARCOG) back to operating as a three county organization, board members voted unanimously during a special called meeting Friday to establish a by-laws committee to oversee and amend the ones currently in place.

On the committee will be Cullman County Associate Commissioner and NARCOG board Chairman Stanley Yarbrough, Lawrence County Commission Chairman Bobby Burch, and Priceville mayor Melvin Duran.

The by-laws had given Cullman County the majority of votes due to having the most municipalities, which is the reason it led Morgan County to withdraw from the organization last spring. However, upon a compromise to get Morgan County back, it was agreed last week by Cullman and Lawrence members to give them back their majority vote in decision making circumstances.

The new 7-4-3 membership puts voting powers back similar to the way it was several years ago when population decided the number of votes each county is entitled to on the board. Between the three counties, there are roughly 235,000 residents. Morgan County has around 51 percent of that, while Cullman makes up 34 percent and Lawrence County the other 15 percent.

"I'd like to welcome Morgan County back to the table of NARCOG, and like to thank the board members from Cullman and Lawrence Counties who negotiated to get Morgan County established back," Yarbrough said. "Let’s get back to work getting NARCOG back to the way it ought to be operated and move forward to the future of our seniors."

Cullman County's four voting members include Commissioners Yarbrough and Associate Commissioner Darrell Hicks, Chairman Kenneth Walker, and Cullman County Mayor's Association Chairman Johnny Dyer, who is the mayor of Baileyton.

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