- Cullman, Alabama

January 2, 2013

West Elem. principal transfers to central office

By Trent Moore
The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — After spending the past two years as principal of West Elementary School, Helen Dunn will move to the central office in 2013 as Cullman City Schools’ new Federal Programs/Career Technical Coordinator.

The coordinator position was created in late 2012, and Dunn has previous experience dealing with federal programs from her time as principal and previous central office responsibilities.

“I am excited and do have some experience with federal programs and feel like I can be a benefit there,” Dunn said. “It was a really hard decision because I just love West and everyone there. But I’m looking forward to my new role.”

Dunn took over at West Elementary in 2011, when then-principal Dr. Elton Bouldin moved to the same position at Cullman High School. Dunn had previously served as principal at Susan Moore Elementary in Blount County, and worked in the city system as a curriculum coach before that.

The school board approved the transfer at a recent December meeting, and Superintendent Dr. Jan Harris said she’s excited to see what Dunn can do in the role.

“The thing about Helen Dunn is, she’s a tremendous asset wherever she is,” Harris said. “We were so saddened when she left to be principal at Susan Moore, and were so delighted when we got her back. I was delighted when she applied for the coordinator position, because having her on our team is tremendous for Cullman City Schools. I hate it for West Elementary, but I know she’ll be a great help at the central office.”

More than half of the coordinator position will be funded federally, with the remaining portion paid by local funds. The system had previous contracted for career tech services.

“We felt we really needed a full-time person in that role now,” Harris said. “Monumental changes are coming at the state and federal level and I think this will be beneficial for our students to have a clearer focus on those duties, instead of a fragmented approach.”

The transfer will not take effect until February 1, and Harris said the board will spend January searching for a new principal to take the reins at the elementary school.

“She’ll be there holding down the fort while we post and form a committee of stakeholders from West Elementary to start looking,” Harris said. “Our goal is to make a recommendation at the January board meeting, but if it needs to stretch out a little longer that’s not a problem.”

The board also:

‰ Recognized Russell Raney, District 8 nominee for the Alabama Association of School Business Officials (AASBO) 2012-2013 Robert L. Morton Outstanding School Business Official Award  

‰ Viewed presentations from:

— Lane Hill, Principal, Cullman Middle School:  CLAS Presentation

— Helen Dunn, Principal, West Elementary School:  Data Presentation

— Nathan Anderson, Technology Coordinator: Tech Teacher of the Month

— Debbie Wright, Student Services Coordinator, and Luanne Reid, Nursing Supervisor: 2011-2012 Nursing Services

* Approved November 20, 2012 minutes and December 13, 2012 minutes

* Approved November 2012 payroll of $1,858,071.87, invoices paid of $672,341.13 and financial statements

* Approved agenda.

* Approved Head Start November 2012 Expenditures/Downloads, November 2012 Health/Nutrition/Disabilities/Enrollment Report and 1st Outcomes/School Readiness Report

* Granted permission to surplus/salvage the following items located at Cullman High School:  Nine NEC projectors, one Cannon projector and one Elmo projector.

* Approved new Board Policy GA – Students First Act of 2011 which was approved by the Policy Review Committee

* Approved the new School Psychologist job description which was approved by the Policy Review Committee

* Approved of the Professional Education Personnel Observation Form / Teacher Observation Analysis Form / Observation Scripting Form to be used as an additional tool in conjunction with EDUCATEAlabama.  These items were approved by the Policy Review Committee. 

* Proposed approval of new board policy:  Physical Restraint and Seclusion for All Students.  This item will be reviewed by the Policy Review Committee and brought back to the board for consideration.

* Proposed approval of new board policy:  Service Animals in the School District.  This item will be reviewed by the Policy Review Committee and brought back to the board for consideration.

* Granted permission to provide Cullman High School Credit Recovery Night School beginning February 5, 2013 through May 16, 2013  (Funded by student fees)

* Granted permission to enter into a Loan Contract-Security Agreement with John Deere Financial in the amount of $13,658.15 for the purchase of a lawn mower (local school funds)

* Granted permission to contract with Children’s Hear Center of Children’s Hospital of Alabama to provide auditory-verbal therapy

* Permission to contract with Mary Beth Sellers to provide temporary office assistance beginning December 10-21, 2012 (JV 12-085)

* Granted permission to contract with Patrick Bates to provide as-needed emergency computer network services beginning December 3, 2012 through September 30, 2013

* Granted permission to contract with Rachel Parks to provide homebound instruction beginning December 4, 2012 through August 31, 2013 on an as-needed basis

* Granted permission to extend the contract of Dr. Donald Green through January 31, 2013

* Granted permission to bid #12-18-12-01 and accept the lowest responsible bidder meeting specifications for iPad carts

* Approved the resignation of Phala Jacobs, Child Nutrition Program worker at Cullman Middle School, effective December 6, 2012.

* Approved a leave of absence for Judy Allbright, custodian at Cullman High School, requests the use of on-the-job injury days.

* Approved contract principal: Lane Hill, Principal, Cullman Middle School.

* Approved employment of Trent Dean, temporary (leave of absence) English Language Arts teacher at Cullman High School beginning January 2, 2013 through May 24, 2013.

* Approved employment of Jenna Mayfield, temporary (leave of absence) Family and Consumer Science teacher at Cullman High School beginning tentatively January 2, 2013 through February 27, 2013 (JV 12-084) 

* Announced the next regularly scheduled board meeting:  Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 6 p.m. in the Board Room.

* Trent Moore can be reached by e-mail at, or by telephone at 734-2131, ext. 220.