- Cullman, Alabama

August 30, 2013

Siblings charged in multiple burglaries

By Lauren Estes
The Cullman Times

— Two Cullman siblings were arrested on multiple burglary charges following a sheriff’s office investigation and discovery of nearly $35,000 of stolen merchandise, including home furnishings, they had set-up in their residences as their own.

Derrick Lance Isbell, 27, and his sister, Priscilla Gail Isbell, 32, both of Cullman, were arrested on County Road 437 on four charges each including: two counts of third-degree burglary, endangering the welfare of a child, and possession of burglar’s tools on Friday night. Investigators retrieved three truck-loads of merchandise from their homes on Saturday. Investigator Andy Wray said the siblings had no criminal record and were remorseful for their actions.

 “They have cooperated with us and even provided us with some of the stolen merchandise after the fact,” Wray said. “After interviewing them, and initially denying it, they were cooperative and said they had been burglarizing homes and buildings for nearly two months.”

Wray said the residences that were burglarized were located all over the county, ranging from trailers at Clayton Homes to the Good Hope area and to County Road 22.

“They informed us they would travel around, the sister driving a mini-van and brother riding, and if the brother spotted something, she would stop, he would jump out and get it and they would continue driving,” Wray said. “They live at different residences and kept most of the materials at their homes for personal use. Most of the stolen home furnishings were decorating their houses, including stolen wall frames with pictures in them. She also had stolen outdoor patio furniture sitting on her front porch, out in the open.”

Other items recovered from the residences included a pressure washer, tools, backpack blowers, lamps, coffee tables, wall decorations, mirrors, chairs, copper-wire, frames, plants, etc.

“The items like the copper-wire and backpack blowers-that type of thing-that’s the merchandise they could sell,” Wray said.

Wray said they plan to have at least three more burglary charges per sibling and also thanked Judge Martha Williams for her assistance in the warrant  which helped recover the stolen merchandise. Sheriff Mike Rainey said he  hopes the Judge in the case shows leniency to the Isbell’s for their cooperation with the investigation.

“Investigators Wray and Randy Frost came out Saturday morning and worked on the case until early Sunday morning and did a great job,” Rainey said. “Officer Jeff Rainwater is the one who initially came up on them at a storage building on County Road 747 and put forth the extra effort to catch them in the act on Friday night. It’s really been a combined effort in the department to see this case through, and quickly. I’m proud of the effort of everyone involved and thankful that the two arrested have worked with us.”

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