- Cullman, Alabama

March 16, 2013

Request leads to future crosswalk, signal in Hanceville

By Lauren Estes
The Cullman Times

HANCEVILLE — The mother of a visually impaired Wallace State student has requested that the city add a crosswalk from Hardee’s to the community college campus.

The Hanceville city council and Mayor Kenneth Nail discussed the matter at the city meeting on Thursday after hearing the request from Caroline Speegle, later voting to move forward with allowing the highway to become more pedestrian accessible.

“Mrs. Speegle contacted me and also sent a letter to Governor Bentley informing us that her son cannot cross the street safely to go Wallace because of the quick change of the signals,” Nail said. “I met with the DOT at the location yesterday and will get a proposal together for the pedestrian crosswalk.”

The state Department of Transportation sent a crew to the site and determined that due to the pedestrian count, the pedestrian signal was needed, which was confirmed by Nail.

“The proposal is the first step in getting this together,” Nail said. “The DOT has agreed to split the costs of implementing the signal at the Wallace State and Hardee’s cross walk.”

Speegle said that she wants the road to be safer for the students to cross the street.

“My son is visually impaired and walks across the street there and it can be very dangerous,” Speegle said. “I talked with Mayor Nail and he was very nice and helpful with the situation.”

The payment for this project could cost up to $12,000 for the pedestrian signal. Nail said 40-50 feet of sidewalk may also need to be added, which will not be included in the signal proposal cost.  

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