- Cullman, Alabama

November 28, 2013

Turkey with a side of history

CCPS kindergartners learn about holiday over traditional feast

By Lauren Estes
The Cullman Times

— Eating mashed potatoes at her school party earlier last week, five-year-old Cullman student Ali White had a hard time pinning down one thing she was thankful for — because she was thankful for quite a lot.

“No, not one thing, everything, but I am thankful for my mom too, she’s nice and a good mom,” White said.

White was one of many kindergartners who participated in Cullman Primary School’s thanksgiving feast on Friday. Teacher Priscilla Garrison taught the students about the history of Thanksgiving, provided pilgrim and Indian costumes, and invited parents to the class as the children partook in a feast.

“I think learning about the history of the pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving is so important for the kids,” Garrison said. “They get a better insight of how hard it was for the first settlers here and they get a chance to truly be thankful, because they understand why they are thankful.

Five-year-old Case Edwards said she enjoys seeing his cousins and other family members during the Thanksgiving holidays.

“We get to have a feast and my favorite part is the ham; I like the meat and I like deer meat, too,” Edwards said. “I liked learning the songs in class for Thanksgiving, I really liked the Gobble Gobble song. I’m thankful for my teacher Mrs. Garrison because she is a good teacher.”

Case’s mother Melony Edwards teaches third graders at West Elementary school and thought it was a great idea to teach the students about the history of the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Watching the students enjoy themselves has been lots of fun, I think the idea to do it was wonderful,” Edwards said. “They really do learn a lot about where the initial Thanksgiving meal came from and why we celebrate being thankful. It’s important to learn the history behind why we do the things we do, especially with holidays.”

Mary Katherine Greer, 5, said she is thankful for her mother because she is a good mom and she enjoys thanksgiving because she gets to see her cousins.

Six-year-old Madison Lambert said her favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes, but she enjoys Thanksgiving because of where she gets to spend it.

“We go to my grandparents house and I get to see my Ninny,” Lambert said.

Although Harrison Bentley ate his corn on the cob mighty fast during the kindergarten feast, he doesn’t usually like eating things that make a mess.

“The corn is good, but I don’t like messy food though,” Bentley said. “My favorite part of Thanksgiving is going to have a feast at my grandma’s house and seeing my family. The food is good.”

The students lined up in their pilgrim and Indian outfits and shared two songs with the parents in attendance and then shared a Thanksgiving feast comprised of turkey, ham, dressing, green beans, and corn on the cob.

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