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October 8, 2012

Minor increases approved to CMS coaches; tech assistants return

The Cullman City Schools board recently approved some minor changes to the system’s supplement schedule, adding some increases for middle school coaches and reconfiguring how tech support is handled at the campus-level.

The athletic schedule remained largely unchanged, though approximately 10 middle school coaching supplement were increased by between $400-$1,200 each, depending on position.

Positions increased include the CMS middle school boys and girls soccer coach to $1,500; CMS assistant football coaches to $2,820; eighth grade boys and girls basketball coaches to $2,460; CMS cheerleader sponsor to $2,210; seventh grade boys and girls basketball coach to $2,359; and CMS volleyball coach to $2,208.

 “There’s really no supplement that is ever going to compensate what our coaches do for our kids, because it’s just a number on a page that can’t represent the hours they spend outside of their regular contract,” school board member Suzanne Harbin said. ”We had an opportunity to adjust a few of the middle school supplements to get more in line with the systems around us, and we always try to be comparable or higher, in most  cases.”

Systemwide finance director Russell Raney said the supplements haven’t been changed in a few years, and the increases came at the request of middle school principal Lane Hill. The new payscale was set by comparing Cullman to comparable systems in the state.

“That was based on some comparisons with other systems, and it had been requested because those were so low,” Raney said.

No changes were made at other schools. The highest paid supplement, Cullman High head football coach, remained level at $12,000. Varsity boys and girls basketball head coaches remain second on the list with $9,702 each.

Technology assistant supplements were also added back for 2012-2013, after the system had experimented with a different approach to tech support last year. An assistant is now set at every school to serve as the first-response for basic tech support, which frees up resources in the technology department to focus on larger projects and infrastructure.

“They agree to be the first line of communication and problem solving for tech problems, because many can be solved right there at the school and may not require someone from the tech department,” Raney explained.

Supplements for tech assistant range from $1,500 to $2,100, depending on the size of the school.

Overall, the system is budgeted to spend a total of $267,822 on athletic supplements, $50,940 on non-athletic supplements and $6,825 on technology supplements in 2012-2013.

The majority of supplements are paid from the system’s general fund, though a handful are covered by local school funds or booster club budgets.

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