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May 29, 2009

County BOE posts 27 jobs

More than half to be filled internally

Twenty-seven available jobs have been posted by the Cullman County Board of Education this week — though more than half should be filled by existing employees transferring into the vacant positions.

“Some of those will be internal or filled from within,” Superintendent Hank Allen said. “There are probably a small portion where we are having to hire to fill positions.”

Allen said approximately 14 of the slots will be filled by current teachers and employees.

“Out of those 27, I’d say over half would be filled internally,” he said. “But, there will be some jobs that will have to be hired back to fill necessary positions for program needs.”

For example, if there are not enough existing teachers in a certain field to transfer into the vacant positions, teachers in that field would have to be hired to fill the slots.

Included in the list of openings were 13 teachers, two administrators and 12 support personnel.

No new positions are being created with the openings, Allen said, as the system is only trying to fill existing state-earned teacher units.

“A position will not be filled if the unit is not earned,” he said. “There will be no extra, local units provided.”

The system let 53 teachers and support personnel go earlier this month, due to reduced state funding brought on by a prorated education budget. Nearly all locally funded teacher units were also cut due to a lack of general funds.

The cuts were exacerbated further by an approximate 150 student drop in enrollment that has directly led to reduced teacher funding from the state.

“We are 33 teacher units down,” Allen said. “We had almost 700 teachers last year, and we’ll be under 670 this year ... Our plan is to fill all the earned positions from the state, and that will probably be about it.”

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