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April 11, 2009

Woman plans local ‘tea party’ to protest high taxes

The United States government has an approximately $1 trillion deficit that future generations will have to pay off. For a woman with 13 grandchildren, Nan Auston is more than a little concerned.

“You’re talking to a mad grandma,” Auston said. “I look at my 13-month-old grandchild and say ‘what a burden you have on your shoulders, and you can’t even talk yet.’”

Auston is currently organizing a local rally as part of a larger, national effort to protest against high taxes and government spending, including Congress’ recent $800 billion stimulus package. Called National TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party Day, the organizers of the event call on citizens to rally at their city halls on April 15 to protest.

“This is for the people who have been taxed enough already,” Auston said. “This is not a Republican, a Democrat or a political rally. It’s a rally against taxes.”

Auston said her TEA Party would be held at 5 p.m., April 15 outside the Cullman County Courthouse.

“I’m hoping several hundred will come,” Auston said. “The word is spreading. I’ll come home and have two or three messages from people asking about the rally. Hopefully this rally will catch people on fire.”

Auston said there would be several speakers at the event, including various local small business owners, teachers and bankers. She added that a petition against increased government spending would be available for people to sign. The petitions will be sent to Rep. Robert Aderholt, Sen. Richard Shelby and Sen. Jeff Sessions, she said.

“I hope the politicians will see we have had enough,” Auston said. “We’re going to have a change. Fix this mess or we’ll get some people in there who will.”

Auston said she decided to organize the rally after a friend e-mailed her a link to The Web site informed her about the National TEA Party Day and listed hundreds of rallies organized across the country.

“I just clicked on it to see where they were being held and saw there wouldn’t be one in Cullman,” Auston said. “The next thing I know, here I am.”

For more information about the Cullman rally, call Nan Auston at 775-1266.

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