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April 17, 2013

Hanceville council amends landfill, building ordinances

HANCEVILLE — After several months debating landfill and city building ordinances, the Hanceville council came to an agreement to move forward with some changes last Thursday.

City ordinance’s 590 and 591 were altered, two sections were removed from 590, allowing the approval by the council after tabling the matter at several meetings. Mayor Kenneth Nail said they put the city first in their decision-making which can cause time constraints on business passing.

“When you have a mayor and council, you usually have six different ideals,” Nail said. “Sometimes it takes a little while to get through those ideals because you want to be fair to the city and it’s citizens.”

Ordinance 5.91 stated that “a building permit fee will not have to be purchased if the completion of the project is less than $500.” Previously, it was $250, but the council felt that the price needed to increase after much discussion. Also, from a different section of the ordinance, “ if there is a declared disaster- they need to apply for a permit within 30 days to declare damages, and they will not have to pay permit fees for the first $25,000.” Initially, there was not a set day amount that residents had to declare damage, but the council felt that a month was sufficient time to claim damage had occurred to their home.

Ordinance 5.90 dealt with the handling of debris. Section 5.2, A and B, were removed from the ordinance completely. Section 5.2, A, said all household items, garbage, rubbish, trash, etc. could not be left out any longer than 12 hours, to be picked up.

5.2, B said all other items to be collected should be left outside no longer than 48 hours. Hanceville reportedly had compliance issues with these two sections because of different situations; people going on vacation, putting the garbage out in the middle of the day, etc. Therefore, officials say it was hard to set a specific time limit on how long garbage could sit outside before being picked up.

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