- Cullman, Alabama

March 2, 2013

Area support recognized for Empty Bowls

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — How do you begin, what words do you use to express gratitude to all of the individuals and groups who made the 2013 Empty Bowls of Cullman such a huge success. Every year for 10 years this community has come together to help the hunger in our community, think about it 10 years. Why? Why do they come together for this event? Why do they go the extra mile? It has to be the heart that God has given the people of Cullman community a burning need to help those around them that need help.

Where do we start thanking those who gave of themselves to make this such a wonderful event? I guess you begin at the beginning with the Empty Bowls Committee that spent endless hours putting all of this together, the potters who work tirelessly make the those beautiful bowls, all of those whose hands who helped prepared the magnificent chili, Bobby Nolan's Empty Bowl Chili, the volunteers who helped get the bowls ready, the ones that worked in the kitchen before and during this special evening, of course those who helped sell the tickets, the companies and organizations who purchased hundreds of tickets before the event, those individuals and organizations that donated baskets for the silent auction, the students that help get everyone seated and helped clean up, the people who worked the sound system and PowerPoint, and the ones who worked to get the carry outs ready and out to the those who taking out. What a monumental effort by all concerned.

It doesn't stop there; the evening's entertainment was superb Shannon Green, Enell Baker, the Revelations Quartet and the Potentials. All giving us an evening of entertainment of fun and joy, there were those who wondered the hall talking pictures for us to all enjoy at a later time, of course WKUL doing a live remote broadcast let people know where we were and it was ok to come on down. We at Cullman Caring For Kids were thrilled to see our board of directors and our staff there helping out.

It is truly a community event one meant to invoke the giving spirit in each one of us. And because it does there are hungry children and seniors being feed everyday throughout the most wonderful place in the world to live: Cullman, Alabama.

Helping children and families together,

Javon Daniel/Director CCFK and staff