- Cullman, Alabama

October 8, 2012

What happened to the Democrats?

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — Growing up, my father and family always claimed to be Democrats. Being a Christian in the South, he always said the Democrats were for the poor people. That was a fact back in the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s. Then the ‘60s hit and the Vietnam war seem to breed a new type of American protester.

As I grew older and had a family to take care of, I began to pay more attention to politicians and their campaign statements. In the ‘70s and ‘80s there seemed to not be much difference between either the Democrats or Republicans; each group would promise anything to get re-elected. They have created laws where they cannot be kicked out of office. Keep lying to the voters and bring home a little bacon (taxpayer money) for the community and everyone is happy. Football and a six pack is all the voters seem to worry about. Let the politicians worry about our future because we trust them and there is not any difference between Democrat and Republican. They seem to exchange leadership positions every four to eight years and not much changes; life goes on.

Now the Vietnam protesters are grown up, educated and in high positions throughout the world. They seemed to have cautiously prepared for a long time to influence and change America into something we can‘t understand or believe is happening. We the people have behaved like the frog in the ”frog theory.”

“A frog in a pot of water seems to not mind the warmth, he is unaware the temperature is getting hotter until it is too late and he is dead.”

This is our beloved God fearing Democrat Party being slowly infiltrated by socialist leaders since the ‘60s and we are now like the frog being destroyed.

Would you ever believe that the Democratic National Convention leaders of the Democratic Party for the first time ever, left God out of their base platform? Then because of the good old time Democrats getting upset, they then voted and booed God being in their platform? Not my southern Democratic party. Not the same Democratic Party my father loved.

 I am beginning to wonder what happened to my beloved Democratic party. There is still very few honest country-loving Democrats out here. But the majority of the Democrats making laws now promote gay marriage, abortions, illegal immigration, weaken our military that keeps us safe, spend more money than we could ever count, borrow from China to give money to foreign countries that hate us and want to destroy us. We cannot become energy independent because it may harm our planet. Yet our president goes to South America and gives them millions of dollars to drill for oil and then tells them the USA wants to be their best customer? I thought South America is on the same planet as we are? We need to be a One World Government they say and the United Nations should tell us how to run our country in the name of what is best for the world. The President wants to redistribute our country’s wealth? Take from the U.S. workers and give to those who do not want to work or live in foreign countries. That doesn’t sound like what our government was created to do. They say it takes a village to raise our children? How about two God-fearing parents? Where does it end? 

I used to be a Democrat but I guess I agree more with the Republicans now. God Bless the USA.

Charles Moore