- Cullman, Alabama

August 25, 2012

Reasons to call Cullman home

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — To the editor:

After attending the Mayoral debate on Wednesday I wanted to let your readers know how an outside perceives the City of Cullman. When relocating I researched the area just as a professional feasibility study would. I had a diversified list of things I was looking for and Cullman had them.

Being strategically placed between Birmingham and Huntsville was part of the attraction. But having a young child had me examine the education system. Cullman has national ranking by Bloomberg Business Week and now is the number 1 place in the state of Alabama to raise children.

But being the professional I am I did my research. Crime is almost non-existent in Cullman. Here I fee safe that I will not be car jacked at an intersection.

When judging a city’s character I tend to turn to family matters. When researching Cullman I visited Heritage Park. There my son played in the water feature, and what I noticed was the signs for the playground construction. The recycled materials signs. This let me know that Cullman values a green economy.

I attribute Cullman’s character to its leaders and the decisions they make on behalf of the people. I looked at Cullman’s industries and their viability. I focused on the automotive, agricultural and alternative energy industries. For the growth of Cullman these industries must have longevity plans to support our community. I would like to see more futuristic planning to include the fields of biotechnology.

These are the reasons I choose to call Cullman home. A progressive fore-thinking city government with experienced leaders like Mayor Max Townson, ideal southern travel locations, and an excellent education system. These are the things outsiders see when looking in. Keep up the good work Cullman.

Lori Griffin