- Cullman, Alabama

Letters to the Editor

November 5, 2012

Response to Democrat

CULLMAN — A recent letter writer stated that he was raised in a Republican household and that now he was proud to be a Democrat. He stated that he was a Christian, believed in the sanctity of marriage, and believed in a strong military. He stated that he didn't know of any of his fellow party members that believe differently than him. Well, I agree with him partially; it is true on the local level. However, on the national level I cannot agree with him.

Some members of the national Democratic Party support the following: Same-sex marriage, abortion, and proposals to cut the military budget.

President Obama told Eric Holder, the Department of Justice chief, to not defend the marriage bill passed under President Bill Clinton's administration.

I also agree that neither of the stimulus bills were needed to help the people or the economy.

I disagree with President Obama sending money to South America to drill for oil and telling them that we would be their best customer. The Democrats have refused to allow drilling in the Gulf of Mexico since 2010. Also, President Obama refused to sign the pipeline bill that would have allowed oil to be piped from Canada to Texas. The pipeline alone would have put thousands of people to work.

The letter writer said people listen to highly paid entertainers like Rush Limbaugh, who tell us how we should view each political party. If you listen to main steam media [NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc.] you will still be told how to view each political party.

I was raised a Democrat, but now I vote Republican most of the time. I usually vote for the person I feel is best qualified.

Wayne Cole


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