- Cullman, Alabama

February 11, 2013

Problems at NARCOG

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — Why should Cullman County NARCOG Reps not be surprised by the move made by Morgan County Representatives for NARCOG?

Why would they vote to give Morgan County 50 percent control of the organization? And why do Cullman and Lawrence counties get 30 percent and 20 percent each. I realize its a numbers game, but lets get real, they just gave away too much, in my opinion. Why would members abstain from voting on an interim position? Were they mad because they weren't selected to be voted on for the position? Now Morgan County comes to the first meeting in a long time (almost a year by your reporter’s quote), and all of a sudden they are wanting to replace Mayor Kilgo. Seems to me, he tried to represent this organization from the first collapse to keep it intact when other so-called leaders have failed in their attempt to support him. How can the Morgan County Commission say they have nothing against the other members’ choice, but Morgan County feels he is not the person they want to represent them? Their statement would be a lie if you pick up on that comment. Politics has its place, but it shouldn't be in here. It disappoints me when members abstain from voting without giving cause to why they felt it not important to cast a vote. Why wouldn't they get asked why they abstained? Real support would go further than lip service.

Your staff reporter could have asked the question to Morgan and Lawrence counties’ representatives why they felt Mayor Kilgo was not good enough to represent NARCOG.

However, that didn't happen so maybe in another year we can get the answers to the question. I guess holding a mayor’s position isn't as good as a commissioner’s.

 Charles R. Kent