- Cullman, Alabama

Letters to the Editor

January 3, 2013

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wrong to single out gun permit owners

CULLMAN — I am writing this letter in response to the New York newspaper who in their mind thought it a public service to print not only the names, but also the addresses of legally licensed and permitted law-abiding citizens who own firearms. This is wrong!

This newspaper has just made it easier for the next evil or deranged or mentally ill person, disgruntled employee or angry spouse to find a weapon quickly and easily. Just open the paper and locate one nearby. No need for the three-day waiting period or background check or most important, the police-issued permit and license. Just go kick in the neighbor’s door and get one to commit the crime or murder you want. No need to go through a cooling off period or background screening or felony check. Thanks, newspaper, for making the neighborhood and schools and all public places safer.

William R. Woljerach


* Find this story (NY newspaper's handgun permit map draws criticism) at under National News.

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