- Cullman, Alabama

August 6, 2012

US not the wonderful country of past

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — The United States today is not the wonderful country I grew up with and trusted. We have grown into a totalitarian state run by big business. Our freedoms are being eroded, one by one. I will only talk about one of those freedoms this time.

I always get frustrated when I go to a commercial airport because of today’s “security”.  While going through security, you are forced to place the things hold most precious in a tray for total strangers to inspect. Then you are forced to walk bare foot in an extremely public place. You are usually given no place to sit down and take off your shoes and no place to sit down and put them back on. Who knows what fungus was on the foot of the last world traveler who passed this way. Now you must pass through a metal detector. If you have say, a joint replacement, you will surely set off an alarm and the official paper from your Doctor means nothing. If by chance you removed a bag of fertilizer from your car just before going to the airport, you will set off the sniffers. Now the “bad stuff” really hits the fan and they do touch you in most embarrassing places.

Is this America, land of the free? Is this “security” really being done because of terrorists?  Really? Why are the American people going through this like a heard of sheep? I am so disappointed in my government for doing this and the American people for putting up with it.

A grand total of zero terror-related arrests have been made in the decade-long existence of the TSA.

Loyal Stricklin