- Cullman, Alabama

February 9, 2014

Do what is right in political field

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — An open letter to Randall Shedd, Paul Bussman, Mac Buttram and representatives, senators and Gov. Bentley in Montgomery:

I keep hearing on the news about no contradictions this year in Montgomery due to being an election year. All of you need to do what you were elected to do instead of worrying about re-election.

Gov. Bentley ran the first time on defending education and then went totally opposite. As a retired education state employee, I feel for the education employees who live try to live day to day with everything going up except their pay. You need to get some guts and cut out the waste in government. Try to help the working class people who struggle daily to work and pay bills.

You vote for bills that you have not even read. When they show the House and Senate on television, no one is paying attention to whomever is at the podium speaking. You are in your little groups talking amongst yourselves and playing games on your phones.

Make a point to look for the waste in government no matter whose county it is in. Think back to the way you were raised and your needs in your household and fix the problems that you see now, instead of trying to please people so they will vote for you.

Between Gov. Bentley and President Obama, Alabama is in big trouble. Do what is right.

Ed Hart