- Cullman, Alabama

April 18, 2013

The right to vote

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — The Cullman County Board of Education, consisting of seven board members and Superintendent Billy Coleman, are trying to take Cullman County residents’ right to vote away.

As stated in The Cullman Times, Feb. 28, Cullman County Board of Education called a special board meeting, where the seven board members, under the leadership of the now Superintendent Billy Coleman, voted unanimously to have the State Legislators propose a bill to change the position of superintendent from a elected one by the people, to an appointed one, by the seven board members. The board voted to change an elected superintendent to an appointed one, without the consent of the people of Cullman County .

If Cullman County wants it changed, then let us vote on it. Please do not take my right as an American Citizen and resident of Cullman County to vote on this issue.

What right does the seven board members with the leadership of Mr. Coleman have to change the position from an elected one, voted by the people, to an appointed one, voted by seven board members without the citizens of Cullman County giving them the right?

When I talked to some of the board members, (not all of them) they said it would allow them to get a better qualified superintendent, and do away with the politics involved in electing one, not to mention the money involved in running.

I made the statement that all of the past superintendents had school experience, and some were principals before they became the superintendent. What better qualifications do you need?

The paper stated that they, the Cullman County Board, did not want the people to vote on this issue. I feel, we, the people of Cullman County should have a right to vote on the issue of having a superintendent elected or appointed.

I ask that everyone get involved and call their board member and State Legislators and tell them we have the right to vote on this issue, and we want to vote on this issue.

If this is allowed to happen, my question is this: What next will they decide for us — or take away from us?

Faye Calvert