- Cullman, Alabama

February 8, 2013

Bailey family disputes candidate’s claims

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — If you received a negative mailer this past week from Lydia Haynes’ campaign attacking Randall Shedd and Dr. James Bailey on the closing/”sell off” of Wallace State Community College (WSCC) – you should be outraged.

As many of you know, Dr.James Bailey, is a patient at Woodland Nursing Home and therefore is unable to defend himself or Randall Shedd.

We – the members of his family – are proud to defend both Randall Shedd and my husband, our father, because Haynes’ accusations are totally untrue.

Dr. Bailey and Randall Shedd worked hard to improve WSCC by adding two more years of educational opportunity for a 4 year degree locally, while keeping the technical programs in place and protecting the employees of WSCC.

Those who, for political reasons, would suggest that our dad and loving husband James C. “Jake” Bailey would do anything to harm Wallace State, should know that it is an insult to him and his lifetime of service to Wallace State College.

Randall Shedd and many others worked tirelessly to expand opportunities at Wallace State for Cullman and the surrounding counties. Those who are making these negative telephone calls and sending these negative campaign mailers should be ashamed.

This letter is not meant for any purpose other than setting the record straight about Dr. Bailey’s commitment to Wallace State and his legacy, as well as Randall Shedd’s long term support and efforts for the college.  However, we also hope it will lend Mrs. Haynes to use better judgment in the future regarding her efforts for self promotion to the detriment of a defenseless individual and a political opponent.

The family of Dr. James C. “Jake” Bailey: Ann Meyer Bailey, Gina Bailey McKell and Beth Bailey Pappas