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Letters to the Editor

May 13, 2012

Mother’s Day thoughts

CULLMAN — It is possible for the influence of a mother to be felt well beyond her time on earth.  Mothers leave a legacy to their children and future generations.  Mothers teach their children character and values that transcend time.  A mother’s true legacy cannot be found in a bank account or in physical possessions but in the hearts of her children.

Today is the day to remember the women who have influenced out lives.  There are the ones we know, but there are also the women that we do not know, who have left us a powerful legacy.

Dr. James Dobson noted Christian Psychologist and founder of Focus on the Family, has expressed concern over the values of parents in today’s society.  “Parents today are so caught up in providing for their children a material legacy that they often neglect the Spiritual legacy that they will pass on to their children and future generations”

Three very special women come to mind on this Mother’s Day, women, who have influenced my life and most likely yours as well.  The first one is Susanna Wesley, perhaps her name is unfamiliar to you, but the names of her sons are probably not.  Two of her sons, John and Charles became ministers and had a profound influence on the progression of Protestant Christianity in the world and America.  John became the founder of the Methodist movement and Charles became the author of more than 5000 hymns, many of which are still sung today.

Susanna lived from 1669-1742 in England.  She was truly a remarkable woman and ahead of her time in many ways.  She gave birth to nineteen children, ten of which survived to adulthood, including John and Charles.  In the days before such modern day luxuries as washing machines, refrigerators and stoves, Susanna ran her household with organization and discipline.  While caring for the   needs of her large family, Susanna made the time to spend one hour a week, one on one with each individual child.  She knew the great value of mentoring her children and giving them her time.  Each week, she would take the time to discuss with them their hopes, dreams, and carefully inquire about their spiritual health.

She taught her children: “There are two things to do about the gospel, believe it, and behave it.”

There are also two other special women, which merit remembering today, who lived long before Susanna Wesley.

Paul mentions them by name in his second letter to Timothy.  They are Eunice and Lois, the mother and grandmother of Timothy.  Paul writes in 2Timothy1:5: “I have been reminded of your sincere faith which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and I am persuaded now lives in you also.”

I am sure that they did not realize that when they held a little boy and rocked and shared their faith with him that they were doing anything exceptional, but they were.  Because that little boy grew up to help the Apostle Paul carry the Gospel to the world. 

Thank you to all the mothers, who are raising and imparting a legacy of faith to your children.  You are making a difference not just in the lives of your children, but also in our community and one day, the world.

Happy Mother’s Day

Tanya Shearer


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