- Cullman, Alabama

Letters to the Editor

March 12, 2013

Common Core bad for state

CULLMAN — In a recent editorial, the Alabama Media Group ranted against our legislature for trying to repeal Common Core Standards for Alabama Schools. Adopting Common Core gives a constitutional state right away to the federal government — a federal government I feel we can no longer trust. Why in the world are some educators in favor of it? As usual, federal money has been the lure. They had to commit to Common Core in order to receive Race To The Top stimulus funds. And then a waiver from (the hated) No Child Left Behind sealed the deal before anything was implemented.

Common Core was designed by Bill Ayer's acolytes among other progressives you probably wouldn't want near your children's minds, but, still, this is currently being put in place. Now I hear that, without the legislature's knowledge, the highly rated Alabama Math Initiative and Reading Initiative have been shut down and their funds diverted to Common Core. This really must be repealed and I commend our legislature for trying to do that.

Linda Schaffner




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