- Cullman, Alabama

Letters to the Editor

September 17, 2012

Reader will vote 'no' on Tuesday

CULLMAN — Many people and groups I support, and who should be supported by everyone who cares about this state, recommend voting for raiding the Alabama Trust Fund. With all due respect to them, I disagree and I will vote “no.”

We do not need to place the state’s future at risk or some other gimmick to get by. What we do need is a fair tax system that puts workers, the state’s long term economy, and education ahead of job killing tax cuts and rates that take wealth, opportunity, and jobs out of this state. The poor and the middle class, per person, in Alabama carries the heaviest share of the tax burden of anyone in this country, despite Alabama being one of the richest states in the United States. We need fair taxes that pay for what we need in this state. If all we had was the tax system used in Mississippi, for example, our state government would take in $1.2 billion dollars more, enough to end the layoffs of teaches, build badly needed highways etc.

Our state politicians do not get that message. By saying “no” to games, schemes, and temporary fixes to get us by from one year to the next this Tuesday and in every election from now on, we will be heard. Put people and jobs before ridiculous tax breaks on pine trees!

Robert S. Davis, M.Ed., M.A.


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