- Cullman, Alabama

September 10, 2012

Republican values make the case

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — When running for president as an Independent in the 1960s, George Wallace’s slogan was “There is not a dimes’ worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats.” The just completed political conventions prove there are now huge differences between the Democrat and Republican parties. I fulfilled a long-time goal by attending the Republican convention in Tampa as an alternate delegate representing the Alabama GOP. My wife, Phyllis, and I attended every convention function from the 7:30 a.m. Alabama delegation breakfast meetings, which featured great speakers, to late night convention functions.  

I’m pleased to report the Republican platform continues to support the sanctity of life, the biblical marriage between one man and one woman and the right to own a gun. Throughout the convention, speakers praised God and our free enterprise economic system. They agreed federal government spending must be reduced, the federal budget should be balanced, the huge $16 trillion debt should be addressed, and to stimulate the economy by helping private industry and reduce federal taxes. Everyone agreed ObamaCare should be repealed.

The Oak Ridge Boys received a rousing, standing ovation after singing “Amazing Grace”. It was  a stirring, invigorating moment.  Christian principles were prevalent at the convention. In contrast, God was booed by Democrat delegates when the Democrat National Committee decided it was a political necessity to put God back in their platform. Democrat delegates rejected a gift bag from a local Christian church because the church did not represent the values of their delegates.

The Democrats approved a platform calling for tax paid abortion and the legalization of same sex marriage. Democrat leaders agree the nation’s economic and debt problems can be solved by further increasing the $16 trillion debt, increasing taxes and a bigger federal government.

The hero of the Democrat convention was Bill Clinton, who was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives on a perjury charge. Remember Clinton looking straight into the TV camera and saying “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Isn’t it ironic Democrats accuse Republicans of waging war on women?

Every Republican and Democrat candidate (local, state and national) must sign an oath to support their party’s platform. If you agree with the liberal policies of Obama and the Democrat platform then vote for Democrats. If you are opposed to abortion, same sex marriage, illegal immigration and support limited government, lower taxes and the free enterprise economic system, then vote for Republicans from the Cullman Courthouse, to the state house, to the White House.

David Ozment