- Cullman, Alabama

Letters to the Editor

March 12, 2013

Talk radio, TV fuel neurotic ideas

CULLMAN — My purpose for expressing my opinion is not to insult anyone regarding his or her political preference; it is for anyone to consider the current political atmosphere, which I interpret as negativity about our country's government and it's majority elected president. My concern is that many people are forming their opinions about current issues solely on the opinions offered by radio and television talk show broadcast, the forwarding of emails, and face book post. This is not understandable when we live in an age that allows us to research for truth using our fingertips on a keyboard.

For years, I have been a fan of both talk radio and television. Currently, I'm trying to break my habit of tuning in. I feel most of these types of broadcast fuel neurotic ideas in people such as negativity, paranoia, and suspicion. Most disturbingly is the broadcast of a Christian radio network, which broadcast all over the country that I respected for years. It is implied by many of these network programs that it condemns the entire Democrat political party, and this attitude seems to have permeated into the psyche of many Christians. While listening to this network, it puzzles me to hear one quote scripture and speak adamantly of Christian values in one breath; then with another breath, make ludicrous, speculative and non-factual comments about our current majority elected president regarding his agenda to destroy our country. It is also implied that anyone who disagrees with the network's point of view, he or she is misinformed, influenced by secular ideas, or worse! Regardless of one's political preference: Are these kinds of broadcast exhibiting Christ-like teachings?

My fear is the political rhetoric and actions of many radio and television talk broadcast, individuals and groups may be influencing personalities like those that carried out our country's tragedies such as the Oklahoma City bombing or the assassination of our President in 1963.

Patrinka Baccus

Sheffield, formerly of Cullman


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