- Cullman, Alabama

Letters to the Editor

May 19, 2013

'Cabaret issue' in question

CULLMAN — In regard to the cabaret issue — I think it is a huge mistake. You people that are wanting this are only looking at money. Remember, the love of money is the root of all evil. Having money isn’t bad, its what it causes people to do to. I’d be safe in saying half of you don’t know what a cabaret is, and the other half have never been in one. Those that have, probably wouldn’t admit it. It is just a bar with all the fringe benefits, drink, dance, lounge, small casino type. Entertainment of all kinds and plenty trouble to go with it. You’ll need extra police on duty to control the action.

The main problem I have is it seems to me Cullman can’t even control the drug problem and now they want to bring this on. That land could be used for something more useful and beautiful. It isn’t right that something this big scale shouldn’t be voted on by all the people, not just the chosen few.

Have you people on the council forgotten your morals and your Christian upbringing? This is going to make God very angry. I think a lot of prayer needs to go into this before it is finalized.

Put God first and the blessings and miracles will come. Keep our neighborhoods safe.

Nelda Parker

Crane Hill

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Letters to the Editor